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Parental Comments

  • “Gilbert really flourished in the care of Cator Park and I felt the staff really understood his personality, what interested and motivated him and they used this information to build on his learning. I really believe Gilbert has become strong and independent because of the warm secure relationships provided by the nursery.”
  • “I wanted to let you know how much a difference you and your preschool have made to us as a family. You have helped Benjamin enormously, he is calmer, more able to concentrate and ready to learn, which I believe will make life so much better for him when he starts school. The most wonderful thing is that you have managed to do this without quashing his exuberance and spirit in any way, and whilst nurturing his confidence in himself. I feel that you have really observed who he is and what he likes to do and by building on this you have worked with him instead of trying to impose something on him. You have built a wonderful, friendly little preschool with a great team of teachers who really understand how children learn, thrive and become happy, considerate little people.”
  • “Well what can we say! Just wanted you to know that the dedication, education, care, support given to Lola and all the children has been outstanding from you and all your staff. The attention to detail in the record of achievement book is what parents expect to see and more. We have seen Lola become a confident and well rounded little lady thanks to you.”
  • “Patrick is enjoying his reception class enormously, he hasn’t cried at all and earned lots of praise from his teachers for being able to do things like hang his coat up and do up his shoes. We are sure Cator Park was hugely important in preparing him so well.”
  • “I’d just like to take this opportunity to express how sincerely grateful Kelvin and I are, in what you have done for Rhys since he joined Cator Park. We both believe that he couldn’t have had a better start at preschool, one because of Cator Park as an establishment and two with a great key worker to nurture him such as you.”
  • “Just a note to say congratulations on the OFSTED “outstanding” and the Montessori MEAB award which you must be very proud to achieve. It’s due to your hard work & effort, well done & thank you. Florence absolutely loves coming to school and comes home singing & happy. Thank you too for accommodating our religious views.”
  • “I just heard about your amazing OFSTED report and although I am not surprised because I know how brilliant your school is I think it’s amazing.”
  • “Just a little not to say a massive congratulation on the OFSTED report. All your hard work has paid off. We feel so lucky that our children have had such a wonderful start to their education from such a dedicated and brilliant team.”
  • “Yonis joined Cator Park Montessori Preschool on January 2010. I want to say thank you for catering for Yonis, you have taken seriously his needs as Yonis has severe eczema and a lot of food allergies.”
  • “My Son and I have had a wonderful experience with this preschool. My son attended from toddler age and has excelled in all areas of learning and development. Coming from a multicultural and multilingual background and with English as an additional language the preschool has provided my son with appropriate learning support. “
  • “We are very pleased at Phoebe’s progress, it was lovely to have this working in partnership with parents’ book and be able to see for ourselves how Phoebe is adjusting to preschool and we are especially pleased at how efficient and dedicated the teachers are.”
  • “Visiting a number of local primary schools over the past month has thrown into even sharper relief how lucky we are that Patrick is a pupil at Cator Park Preschool.”
  • “Thanks to you all for providing such a lovely, warm and interesting atmosphere at the Preschool. It is really remarkable how much you pay attention to all the children as individuals. I am so delighted with Amelie’s progress and happiness there. “
  • “Thank you for the information evening the other night it was excellent for both me and my husband.”
  • “The Summer Club was brilliant, well-structured and paced, it was a huge success from our point of view.”


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In our recent OFSTED inspection report we achieved an ‘outstanding’ in all 17 inspection categories.


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